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Carrie Reichartz - Infinitely More Life Founder and Director


Ladies, in a world filled with uncertainty, discouragement, riddled with heartache, pain, and despair, we want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  

Spiritual attacks are higher than ever and life seems impossible. However, in the middle of the difficult seasons of life, Jesus is there to give you FREEDOM.

At Infinitely More Life, we are done with being distracted by the lies of the enemy. We are done making excuses. 

We are done with justifying and comparing –“God I tried but….” or “I’m doing more than she is”.

We are done with laziness and procrastination. We are done waiting for all of life’s circumstances to be perfect before we LIVE in victory.

It's TIME to get real with God and ourselves. 


Brenda’s anxiety, sadness and anger are affecting her relationship with her children, husband, bosses and friends.

By embracing self-reflection and processing emotions effectively, despite the storms of life, she is now able to guard her heart and find hope.

Do you want that too?  Join us on a 30-day transformative journey and discover the power of the Psalms to heal, inspire, and transform your life.

"Emotions in the Psalms" - is a simple, transformative 30-day journey designed for overwhelmed moms and others.

PS it’s also a great study for your teens!

Grab Your Copy of the Brand New Hit Off the Press: "Overcoming Emotions: 30 Days in the Psalms A Day by Day Journey to Living the Infinitely More Life" on Amazon at 

We start Thursday, June 8 but every lesson is independent so jump in anytime:

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Monthly Scripture Writing Encouragement

August: Walking In Freedom

Step into a transformative journey of faith and leadership with our 31-Day Scripture Writing Series – an inspiring guide crafted to empower you to Walk in Freedom as a Christian Leader.

Are you ready to break free from the chains that hold you back? To rise above doubts, fears, and uncertainties, and embrace your true potential as a dynamic Christian leader? 

Each day, immerse yourself in the timeless wisdom of Scripture, carefully selected to ignite your spirit, strengthen your resolve, and propel you forward on the path of leadership with unwavering faith. Let the words of ancient truth wash over you, infusing your every step with purpose, courage, and an unshakeable connection to your divine calling.

Walking in freedom means shedding the weight of limitations and boldly stepping into the light of your God-given purpose. It's about leading with authenticity, love, and grace, not only for others but for yourself. Our 31-Day Scripture Writing Series is designed to nurture your soul, deepen your connection to God, and equip you with the wisdom you need to lead with conviction and compassion.

Join us on this incredible journey of faith and leadership. As you engage with each carefully selected verse, may you discover renewed strength, unshakable confidence, and a profound sense of purpose that empowers you to lead with grace, authenticity, and unwavering faith.

Grab your guide today! 

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