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Freedom Harvest Christian Conference

Join us February 26-27, 2021 Friday and Saturday for our LIVE STREAM VIRTUAL conference!

Freedom Harvest Christian Conference - Live Streamed February 26-27, 2021


Empowered For Victory Online Conference

September 21-26, 2020

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I Am Enough In Christ

Mukwanago, WI

Feb. 2019

I Am Enough In Christ

Hershey, PA

Sept. 2018

I Am Enough In Christ

Bedford, PA

Aug. 2018



My experience at I AM ENOUGH in Christ by Infinitely More Life was full of blessings from amazing speakers, moving and powerful worship, well organized break out session full of wisdom and insight, wonderful day spent connecting with friends and supporting Christian vendors and excellent charitable organizations that empowered others in Jesus's HOLY Name. Thank YOU!!! Klee Coronado

This was such a blessing to be a part of. An amazing group of women who support each other and love on each other. I loved their heart to help others. Definitely the hands and feet of Jesus! Sarina Williams

What I found most inspiring was the raw testimony of not only the speakers, but those who attended, including the many vendors that were there. Hearing their stories of overcoming feelings of inadequacy, of how God reached down to them through His Word and His people to let them know they are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made, and they are enough in Him. Melody Eiblich

Can’t wait! The organizers of this event have done so much work behind the scenes and have put so much time into this event! I am so impressed! Tammy Gray

Amazing and Christ centered! Joy Traschel

I AM ENOUGH in Christ conference by Infinitely More Life was packed with dynamic, engaging speakers. The material truly resonated with the women in the audience, many of whom are looking for Christian advice on building their lives centered around Christ. The keynote speakers gave very lively, energizing session, clear tips – and most importantly, actionable suggestions -- on how to implement valuable strategies.” There was moving and powerful worship, well organized break out session full of wisdom and insight and wonderful vendors that made the day complete. Shonda Carter

I was blessed to have attended the 'I Am Enough' conference by Infinitely More Life in Mukwonago, WI accompanied by my mother. The attention to detail in the conference's organization and development was so apparent in the outcome of this amazing event!

The Eagle's Nest Worship team provided music that spike hand in hand with each topic offered by Key Note speakers! Every Key Note and Breakout Session speaker shared invaluable, honest and thought-provoking information. I am overwhelmed with everything I experienced!!

There were so many 'A-Ha' moments throughout the day.... But for me one of the most powerful activities was having a box on stage for conference attendees to write words keeping them 'stuck' or feelings of not being 'ENOUGH'.... The final music 'Breaking the Chains' was incredibly powerful and freeing, and then the box was removed from the conference site and symbolically burned, thus releasing each person from their demons!!! Dawne Suhering

Amazing, strong women from all over coming together to share their love and commitment. A day to encourage each other, grow together, inspire to aspire! Kathleen Franscona

I came to this conference because I felt overwhelmed and anxious about things happening in my life right now. It's hard to always know if who I am and what I am doing is enough. Coming here reminded me of just how much Jesus loves me! I heard from wonderful ladies who have risen above their own inadequacies and saw just what Christ can do for them. If Christ can help them, then He can certainly help me. These women were very empowering. I loved the worship band and the breakout sessions, not to mention the wonderful shopping. Thank you to all the staff, speakers and wonderful ladies who put this all together. What a wonderful day to be reminded that I am enough in Christ! Lori Johnston