Bible Study

Do you Struggle with knowing WHO YOU ARE? 

I Am Enough In Christ Bible Study

March 18- May 6 Thursdays at 12pm ET  or catch the replay

It's easy to let a world filled with constant busyness, overwhelm, strife, and let negativity bog us down.

It's important in these difficult times to focus on who we are in Christ and the incredible promises that He has for us.

Where do we find these? By studying the Bible and learning together how to apply it to our daily living.

In this 8-week Bible study you will explore the attributes of who you are in Christ. We will be covering many topics and promises of God. You will leave equipped to live more in the promises of God, avoiding attacks, and being able to stand strong during spiritual warfare when it does come. 

Most of all you will learn that your emotions, your job, your spouse, your kids, your hobby don’t define you.

 JESUS does and He makes you ENOUGH!!

Come join us on this adventure.


1. Grab you books at Amazon to allow for ample shipping time.  

I Am Enough In Christ Book -

I Am Enough In Christ Workbook -

2. Bible - we use NIV in our text but you can use any version that works for you.

3. Teachable heart.

4. Be ready for some FELLOWSHIP!  One of the greatest things about our studies is the gift of community.

Royalty University 

Royalty University is a powerful course that can change your life in every area. It can improve your health, finances, relationships, and more. Are you ready for such a change? 

God's Word is alive and active in anyone who has accepted Jesus into their heart. We are daughters co-heirs with Christ and of the KING. That makes us ROYALTY! We are princesses!

Does your day-to-day life look like a life of royalty? If it doesn't it's because you either don't know or aren't living out "who you are in Christ". 

This course will show you how to live like royalty. Together we will dive deeper into the Word of God and apply scriptural truths to your life. This journey will lead you to the #InfinitelyMoreLife.