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Finding Freedom Workbook: Infinitely More Life

$10.00 for PDF Download of The Workbook

Victory Journal: Infinitely More Life

Are you just going through motions? Have deep sadness and worry plagues your life and soul?

Are you tired of life coming at you with what feels like the full force of a “mack truck” and having to constantly react to it all the time?

My Victory Journal is your key out of that agonizing and life-sucking cycle.

This powerful and breathtakingly designed 65-page inspiring, colorful diary is a great step to getting you out of the pit you are in and back into your LIFE, a life of CONFIDENCE, EMPOWERMENT, & VICTORY every day.

COURAGE, STRENGTH, GRATITUDE and JOY are just a few of the 55+ topics covered in this workbook.

Every entry includes:

Beautiful coloring and design that brings you to the presence of God for renewal.


Prayer area

Gratitude list area

Soul searching questions take you deeper into applying God’s Word to YOUR life

Journaling/reflection space to guide you into forming life-changing and empowering new habits!

One page is also included for you to relax, meditate and color.

Get off the treadmill of life by ordering yours today!





Are you struggling with a foggy mind? Unclear thoughts? Feeling defeated? Unable to make decisions?

Is your life lacking spark, focus, passion, wisdom, and purpose?

These cards are for you!

They will keep your mind clear and your “eyes on the prize”.

Bringing you encouragement, empowering reminders, and uplifting messages.

You are not alone. You are powerful and so much more.

These 33-inspiring designed prayer cards are the size of a business card.

GREAT FOR mediation, prayer, inspiring group discussion, hanging on bulletin boards, mirror, cabinets for display or keeping in your wallet and car for the moments you may need them the most.

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