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Are you dealing with anxiety, coming through a divorce, loss, abortion, or trauma? Are you waiting on God and not seeing Him working? Does your life seem to be filled with constant struggles?

You need to grab your Summer Soul Search Workbook.

This workbook and the free accompanying videos on FaceBook are birthed out of our own deep pain in these areas. We share our own personal stories, we share God’s Word, and we share tips and tricks to actually implement the learning into our lives.

Summer Soul Search takes you on a deep dive on your journey with Jesus! This powerfully designed, guided workbook covers 12-life changing topics.

Struggles, Anxiety, JOY, Prayer, Waiting on God, Love, Victory, Faith just to name a few!

It will bring you into the presence of God to take a deep dive into your life. It is a 12-week life plan for searching your soul and cleaning up and organizing your life.


200+ pages which comes to you at about 20 pages per week via email

It includes:

*impactful note taking space

*powerful journal space

*goal tracking

*words of wisdom, and so much more!

ON SALE TODAY! All 200+ pages for one payment of $10

CURRENT OFFER ON: $10 for full summer of workbook resources

Your choice of workbooks:

Free Weekly Worksheet digital and print that you can reprint and use each week or

Powerful Soul Searching Daily Workbook sent to you each week all for only one time payment of $10! payable to Paypal digital or print editions

The workbook will be sent to your PayPal email address within 24 hours or less

Summer Soul Search

We are living in trying times. Anxiety, depression, fear, anger and more are at all time highs. It is time for a deep soul search. It’s time to clear our hearts and souls of all the toxic emotions and situations we are facing. Let’s dig deep together and let’s find some JOY along the way.

We are honored to journey together, searching our souls and sharing our stories. Discovering together who God has created us to be will help us heal spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and maybe even physically.

Together we will be a lighthouse in the darkness of the night, providing hope and encouragement to those around us. Let’s share examples of Him moving in our lives to remind ourselves and encourage others around us.

As we share these resources with you, you make it possible to share them with young moms in Mombasa, Kenya at our Mercy’s Light Family Maternity Home. Your purchase of this workbook provides health, healing, and hope to young girls and their babies in Kenya also.

We have a three year program where girls come to heal from sexual trauma causing pregnancy to vocational skills and then on to business skills. They come to us and we support them. They leave us in three years with a running business to support themselves and their babies. See or for more details.

Your purchase has already provided light in the darkness for this girl and her child in Kenya.

So excited to start on this journey with you together. Cannot wait to see where we will be by the end of the summer as we spend the Summer Searching our Souls!

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Use the hashtag of the week: Week 1 #MyPrayerStory2020

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(The “liking” and “following” checklist items will be verified by a search of the pages for your name so you do it once and it’s complete for the whole summer!)