Our team is led by Carrie L. Reichartz, a person who walked away from a successful law career to dedicate her life to healing, encouraging, motivating, and challenging women all over the globe to live their best lives by overcoming trauma.

We are so glad you are here and can’t wait to see your life transformed!

2015 was one of the most challenging and difficult years in Carrie’s recent life.

Years earlier, Carrie co-founded Operation Give Hope, a non-profit corporation doing work in Kenya. Carrie specifically was working with girls and women in Kenya. Early in the year – after she closed a successful business to pursue the Kenya work full-time - it was outlined in an email that at least one board member was not onboard with the trauma and pregnancy crisis work Carrie would be furthering.

That left Carrie with no income after closing her successful business and no place to raise funds for the work she was doing. After many painful conversations and healing, Carrie is still working with Operation Give Hope and loving every day of it.

That same year, Carrie did multiple public presentations and events while enduring kidney stones that she later had to have surgically removed at the same time leading and guiding a family member to drug rehabilitation.

Carrie’s life is outlined in a few books – From Lawyer to Missionary on Kenyan fronts but also,I Just Want My Life Back: From Trauma to Triumph, which outlines her life story of overcoming rape and sexual abuse, leading into an amazing life!

​Carrie wants to share with you that same experience- finding your purpose, passion, and power. Wherever you come, whatever the situation, there is hope!

Infinitely More Life was founded in 2015 to change YOUR life. To pull YOU out of your pit, out of your boredom, out of your despair.


Want to make steady or quick forward progress towards your personal healing, relationships, business, goals and thriving in the life? We have a coach that can help you do it.

Our Goal: Making coaching as easy, affordable and accessible as a visit to the salon

Some of the challenges that our coaches, courses, books and more will help you overcome include:
  1. Toxic/Broken Relationships
  2. Overcoming re-occurring challenges
  3. Personal Growth
  4. Living Your Passion
  5. Uncomfortable Emotions
  1. Health
  2. Forgivness
  3. Transitions
  4. Parenting
  5. Healthy Boundaries
  1. Being controlling or controlled
  2. Changing Unwanted Patterns
  3. Connecting With A Spouse
  4. Life After Diagnosis/Cancer
  5. Nutrition and Healing
Our coaches, courses and more offer three key components that will support you in finding your answer to "How can I move through this challenge and thrive?"

  1.  A safe, comfortable, accepting space for you to share, understand and learn YOUR answer to how YOU can support yourself in knowing how YOU can THRIVE in a life YOU love.
  2. Taking pain/stress/difficulty and using it to PROPEL YOURSELF FORWARD instead of pulling you under.
  3.  Seven Steps to Finding Purpose, Passion, & Power in Your Life: Working knowledge, exercises, and resources that will help YOU OVERCOME obstacles that are standing in your way.

​​All this will happen online in the comfort and security of your own home or office.
Save travel time and be comfortable in your own space while opening up about life.

Your investment in our coaching, courses and more goes to fund this same work for women and girls in Mombasa, Kenya, who are pregnant as a result of rape or sexual abuse. Carrie creates trauma counseling materials, trains pregnancy crisis and trauma counseling volunteers and staff, in addition to fund raising and encouraging all staff for our Kenyan Girls Trauma Center – Mercy’s Light: House of Hope.


Why Choose Infiniely More Life ?

Dream. Learn. Fly.


Come and let’s transform your life!