Carrie surrounded by Kenyan children

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a gathered group of Kenyan people

Our Mission

To inspire, encourage, and support women and kids to grow, spiritually and in generosity, to the point of action, through stories of trauma, ending in hope. 

Infinitely More is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization operated in New Berlin, Wisconsin doing work in a variety of areas around Southeastern Wisconsin and the United States
  1. baby Joseph asleep in crib
    "Joseph" was found a few days old, abandoned on the side of the road. His mom was desperate and had nowhere to turn. She delivered him, in fear left him, and ran for home hoping her parents would accept her back into the house after being kicked out because of the pregnancy.
  2. Rose, an orphan baby girl
    "Rose" was found in the early morning in the bushes on the side of the road. Church-goers were heading home after an all night prayer service and they heard a dog rumbling in the bushes next to them as they walked. They investigated & found tiny, 18-month old Rose abandoned, all alone, close to the road with a dog possibly about to attack her. Rose was taken to Baby Life Rescue Center and was adopted 6 months after she arrived by a forever Kenyan family!
  3. young mother carrying her baby
    “Brittany” is a Junior in high school, form 3 as they would say in Kenya, and two years ago she was raped. That rape resulted in a pregnancy. Her baby “Iris” is now 2 years old. She is lucky in that her mom has kept her in the home and is attempting to care for the baby while Brittany finishes school. A generous sponsor has provided Brittany with funds for her education. We will be able to get Iris into our Vipingo school when she turns 3.
  4. Delight sitting in trash pile
    “Delight Rose” was found in a traffic round-a-bout abandoned by her desperate mom; nowhere to turn, no guidance, hoping to avoid prostitution or other desperate measures. Delight was left in a spot to be found quickly & saved. Delight was cared for by Baby Life Rescue in Kenya. She was adopted into a forever Kenya family 6 months after she was found on the street!
These young mothers choose to abandon their babies in fear of being kicked out of their home, going into prostitution to provide for their child, or other desperate measures. Our home and resources provide a place that these young mothers can come to prior to giving birth to have a safe place to stay and get her questions answered.